Marp Holistic
Marp Petfood is our private brand which is made in the UK for us. We have two lines - superpremium with limited ingredient and holistic which is a nutrition with no compromises. We offer wet food as well as a treats.

Marp Natural
We have two main priorities for our natural range. The first is to use top-quality ingredients. The second priority is to assure that our formulas are as practical as possible through the use of a limited range of ingredients. One main source of protein, one main source of carbohydrates. We are convinced that fewer ingredients mean more nutrition.

Holistic petfood Artemis is unique with its high content of meat, unique palatability and with ingredients in human grade quality. Artemis is listed every year in Whole Dog Journal as an approved dog food and also in TOP10 on Artemis is very popular among breeders many years. You will really see the reason when you will start feed your dog by Artemis.

The concept of Doxneo petfood we have developed based on requirements of our customer for dog food with no grains, which will work very good and which will be for the same price as conventional petfood with grains. High palatability and functional guarantee to your dog great condition and shiny coat.

Aminela products
Original design and excellent functionality – these are the main features of the Czech Aminela brand, which offers equipment and accessories for dogs. The brand’s main range consists of top-quality mattresses for dogs, which are also suitable for dogs with orthopaedic problems.

Swipets are gloves to remove a dogs and cats hairs from the usual place they always are such as pet beds, couches, chairs, cars etc. It really works against similar products on the market. We have got also a Gran Prix price on a show in Prague For Pets 2015.

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